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Transportation Technology Center, Inc.
55500 DOT Rd.
Pueblo, CO 81001

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  • Marketing
  • Officers
  • Ruben D. Peña

  • Latin America customers & Government/Security Projects


    Mr. Peña is responsible for the Latin American countries doing business with TTCI as well as manage the government and security project market segments interacting with agencies working with TTCI. .

  • Mark Nordling

    Assistant Director Business Acquisition


    Mr. Nordling is responsible for the North American passenger rail market: transit agencies, intercity and high speed passenger railways and suppliers.

  • Jian Sun

    Asst. Dir.,
    Mktg & Bus.


    Mr. Sun is responsible for the business development and program management in the greater China rail market

  • Michele Johnson

    Senior Executive Assistant

  • Julie Winters


  • Lisa Stabler



    As President of TTCI, Mrs. Stabler oversees the industry’s research program as well as operations of the facility and TTCI’s commercial business world wide and on site.

  • Semih Kalay

    VP Research & Development


    Mr. Kalay is responsible for the overall management of the North American Strategic Research Initiatives Program, FRA/AAR cooperative research programs, TTCI internal R&D, and AAR Technical Standards, Inspections, and Damage and Prevention and Loading Services functions.

  • Jim Lundgren

    Senior AVP Corporate Development


    Dr. Lundgren manages TTCI's risk management program and leads TTCI's strategic planning program. He provides oversight for TTCI's patent and trademark initiatives and has supervisory responsibiltiy for TTCI's business and documentation services departments.

  • David Meeks

    Chief Financial Officer


    Mr. Meeks is a key member of TTCI’s senior management team, responsible for corporate business and finance functions, including accounting and finance, contracts, purchasing, property management, proposal review, internal controls compliance, forecasting, strategic planning, and the corporate budget.

  • Firdausi (Dose) Irani

    Vice President - Business Development


    Mr. Irani is in charge of all commercial business development activities at TTCI. He works with the rest of the senior management team to exceed customer satisfaction by providing timely, effective, and quality services.

  • Robert L. Florom

    Vice President - Engineering and Quality Services


    In his current position, Mr. Florom leads a staff of over 100 engineers and technicians that conduct research and testing for the North American Railways. He also serves as Program Manager for TTCI's Passenger Rail and Train Performance Monitoring Business Units.

  • Michael S. Sherer

    Vice President - Operations


    Mr. Sherer is a key member of TTCI's senior management team, responsible for strategic planning and the success of TTCI's business objectives. He leads a support staff responsible for on-site testing, safety and emergency services, on-site program management activities, and operations.

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